Ladies with parasols

Richard Edward or Emil Miller (American artist, 1875-1943) Woman with Parasol
Here are a few women with parasols by American artists, although you will notice that at least one was painting in Nice, when the parasol craze hit struck him.  I wish I were in Nice right now, a truly lovely town of beaches & boats & fountains & flea markets.

Frank W. Benson (American artist, 1862-1951) The Reader
Robert Lewis Reid (1862-1939), Lady with a Parasol

Edward Cucuel (American artist, 1879-1954) Young girl with Parasol
Alberta Binford McCloskey (American artist, 1863–1911) Eleanor, the Artist’s Daughter
Edward Horace Nicholson (American artist, 1901–1966) Lady with Umbrella
Ethel Mars (American artist, 1876–1956) Nice

Edward Cucuel (American artist, 1879-1954) In the Rose Garden

Richard Edward or Emil Miller (American artist, 1875-1943) Afternoon Tea

Edward Cucuel (American artist, 1879-1954) Picking Flowers
Ethel Mars (American artist, 1876–1956) Umbrella
Guy Rose (American artist, 1867–1925) The Model
Hamilton Hamilton (American artist, 1847–1928) A Gust of Wind
Hamilton Hamilton (American artist, 1847–1928) Lady with a Parasol
Hamilton Hamilton (American artist, 1847–1928) Stroll through the Garden
Jean Mannheim (American artist, 1861–1945) Lonely Tea Party
Lillian Mathilde Genth (American artist, 1876–1953) Summer Morning
Lucy Drake Marlow (American artist, 1890–1978) Parasol
Susan Ricker Knox (American artist, 1874–1959) In Lilac Time
William John Hennessy (American artist, 1839–1917) The Japanese Parasol

Childe Hassam (American artist, 1859-1935) 5th Avenue at Washington Square

Donna Norine Schuster (American artist, 1883-1953) On the Beach

Enoch Wood Perry (American painter, 1831-1913) Portrait of Prescott and Mary Scott 1881

Jacob Maentel (American artist, 1778–) Girl with a Green Umbrellas 1835

Maurice Brazil Prendergast (North American artist, 1859-1924) Figures under the Flag

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