Women Reading


George Cochran Lambdin (American artist, 1830 – 1896) Girl Reading
Walter MacEwen (American artist, 1860 – 1943) Girl Standing with Book
William Worcester Churchill (American artist, 1858 – 1926) The Chinese Vase
William Chadwick (American artist, 1879–1962) The Front Parlor at the Florence Griswold House
Lillian Mathilde Genth (American artist, 1876–1953) Portrait
Arvid Nyholm (American artist, 1866–1927) Reading by the Greenhouse
Karl Albert Buehr (American artist, 1866–1952) Repose
William Worcester Churchill (American artist, 1858–1926) Leisure
Daniel Huntington (American artist, 1816–1906) Study in a Wood
Lillian Mathilde Genth (American artist, 1876–1953) A Pleasant Afternoon
Susan Ricker Knox (American artist, 1874–1959) Reading in the Garden
William Morris Hunt (American artist, 1824–1879) Girl Reading
Edmund Charles Tarbell (American artist, 1862–1938) Reading by a Window 1903

John White Alexander (American artist, 1856-1915) Jesse Steele Reading

Carl von Marr (American artist, 1858–1936) Lady reading in the morning sun

Readers by New York’s Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910)

.Seymour Joseph Guy (American painter, 1824-1910) Summer Issue
English-born Seymour Joseph Guy became one of America’s most famous genre painters, celebrated for his delicate genre paintings of women & children in domestic environments. Several of his paintings revolved around reading. Although genre painting is not popular today, it gives us an intimate view into 19th-century America.
Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910) An Interesting Book
In 1852, he married Anna Maria Barber (c. 1832–1907), daughter of William Barber, an engraver. The couple had 9 children who served as models for their father.
Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910) Preparing for the next day 1895
Guy immigrated to America in 1854, and immediately entered the artists’ circles in New York, as a portraitist and later, a genre painter.
Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910) Dear Polly
In 1861, he was listed as a founding member of the Brooklyn Art Association and named an associate of the National Academy the next year.
Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910) Young Girl Reading 1877
Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910) The Reading Lesson

Franz Marc (German artist, 1880-1916) Woman reading in the green

Charles-Joseph Natoire (French Rococo Era Painter, 1700-1777) Young Woman

Frederick Childe Hassam (American Impressionist painter, 1859-1935) Reading 1888

Barend Cornelius Koekkoek (Dutch Painter, 1803-1862) Woman with a book

Jean Édouard Vuillard (French painter, 1868-1940) Woman Reading on a Bench 1898

Gennaro Befanio (Italian artist, 1866-1911) A Read in the Garden

Gyula Benczú (Hungarian painter, (1844–1920) Woman reading

Grace Cossington Smith (Australian painter, (1892-1984) Reading

Édouard Manet (French painter, 1832-1883) Jeune femme dans le jardin, 1880

Charles Edward Perugini (English painter) Portrait of a lady, c. 1870

Norbert Goeneutte (French artist, 1854 – 1894) Anna Goeneutte Wearing a Beret

Edmond François Aman-Jean (French artist, 1858–1936) Women Reading 1922

John Lavery (Irish Painter, 1856-1941) Girl in a Red Dress Reading by a Swimming Pool

Arthur Watson Sparks (American artist, 1871–1919) Reading Under a Tree

Frank W. Benson (American artist, 1862-1951) The Reader

Marcus Stone (British painter, 1840-1921) Reading Outdoors with Cat

Theodore Robinson, (American Impressionist painter 1852-1895) Reading in The Valley of Arconville, c 1887

Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky (Russian painter, 1868-1945) Reading in the Garden 1915

Claude Monet (French painter, 1840-1926) La Liseuse Reading Woman. 1872

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish painter, 1884-1905) Woman and Parasol, 1886

Paul Cesar Helleu (French artist, 1859-1927) Reader

Irving Ramsay Wiles (American artist, 1861–1948) Reading in the Garden

Joseph DeCamp (American artist, 1858-1923) June Sunlight 1902

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926). Women Reading in the Garden 1880

Curt Herrmann (1854-1929) Sophie Herrmann.

Jacques-Joseph Tissot (1836-1902) Reading a Story

Theodore Robinson, (American Impressionist painter 1852-1895) Reading in the Lane c 1893

Karl Raupp (German-born 1837-1918) Reading Under a Tree

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) In a Garden Corfu 1909.

Henri Matisse (1869-1954) Reading in a Garden

Frank Dicey (1838-1888) The Novel, A Lady in a Garden Reading

Ada Thilen (Finnish painter, 1852-1933) Reading

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