Romantic Scenes (various artists)


Roberts Edwin Thomas (British, 1840-1917) – A Cautious Approach

Emil Brack (1860-1905) – Planning the Grand Tour

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel (French, 1839-1929) – The Attentive Courtier

Ekwall Knut – Frieriet

Raimundo De Madrazo Y Garreta (Spanish , 1841-1920) – La Toilette

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta – Fond Memories

Belmiro de Almeida (1858-1935) – Arrufos

Ekwall Knut – Frieri

Eugene Giraud (1806-1881) – Blind Mans Buff

Eugene Giraud – Making Crepes

Federico Andreotti (Italian, 1847-1930) – Courting Couple

Federico Andreotti – A Tender Moment in the Garden

Federico Andreotti – An Afternoon Tea

Federico Andreotti – The persistent Suitor

Auguste Emile Pinchart – The Toast

Otto Erdmann (German , 1834-1905) – The Recitation

Adriano Cecchi (Italian, 1850-1936) – Signorina E Cavaliere

Adriano Cecchi – At The Dressmakers

Adriano Cecchi – Old Fashioned Gallantry

Charles Edouard Edmond Delort (1841 – 1895) – A Toast to Love

Emil Rau – A Stop At The Tavern

Rebecca Solomon (1832-1886) – The Governess

Migliaro Vincenzo (Italian, 1858-1938) – The Afternoon Meeting

Arthur Beckingham (British, 1855-1920) – The Prodigals Return

Hans Printz (Austrian, 1865-1925) – Shakespearean Scenes

Cesare Auguste Detti (Italian, 1847-1914) – Les amiants

Cesare Auguste Detti – Flowers For Her Ladyship

Cesare Auguste Detti – The castle garden

Jean Carolus (1814-1897) – The Eavesropper

Jean Carolus – The Recital

Joseph Caraud (French, 1821-1905) – Labbe Complaisant

Luis Alvarez Catalá (Spanish, 1836-1901) – Flirtation

Luis Alvarez Catalá – Arelina

George Goodwin Kilburne (British, 1839-1924) – May I

Francesco Beda (Italian, 1840-1900) – The Suitor

Francesco Beda – The Suitor 2

Francesco Beda – The Chess Game

Leon Girardet (French, 1857-1895) – Flirtation

Léon Girardet – A Le Poet

Ferdinand Roybet (French , 1840-1920) – The Present

Manuel Garay y Arevalo (Spanish, 1844) – The flirtation

Manuel Garay y Arevalo (Spanish, 1844) – The Wool

Franz Xaver Simm – Preparing For the Ball

Ferdinand Heilbuth (French, 1826-1889) – The Garden Party

Ferdinand Heilbuth (French, 1826-1889) – Boating Party On The Thames

Alfonso Savini (Italian, 1836-1908) – The Lovers Farewell

Heywood Hardy – A Meeting By The Stile

Raffaello Sorbi (Florence 1844-1931) – An Outdoor Cafe

Egisto Lancerotto (Italian, 1847-1916) – She Loves Me

Thomas Benjamin Kennington (British, 1856-1916) – The New Sonnet

Henri-Lucien Doucet (French, 1856-1895) – The Eager Suitor

Sir James Jebusa Shannon (1862-1923) – In The Springtime

Albert Beck Wenzell (American, 1864-1917) – Idle Coversation

Albert Beck Wenzell – Three Is A Crowd

Emil Rau (1858-1937) – Kitchen Conversation

Croegaert G – The Flirtation

Sir Luke Fildes (1843-1927) – The Sweet River

Gaston Latouche – The Boating Party

Aime Stevens (1869-1951) – Au Cafe

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