Fiedler (varous Artists)

Dario Campanile

 (389x500, 31Kb)

Jean-Michel Benier

 (450x600, 53Kb)

Jean-Michel Benier

 (650x473, 25Kb)

Xue Yanqun

 (550x698, 109Kb)

Matthew Pasquarello

 (411x550, 48Kb)

Josef Tali

 (600x454, 61Kb)

Paul Kelley

 (407x550, 70Kb)

Morgan Weistling

 (700x557, 117Kb)

Velemir Trnski William Whitaker

 (260x560, 30Kb)  (334x500, 54Kb)

Mark Keller

 (363x291, 142Kb)  (227x342, 134Kb)

Mark Keller

 (691x342, 91Kb)

C. Ballantyne

 (559x699, 61Kb)

One response

  1. From old to modern the violin has stood the test of time, from clasical to country, and I still think it sings the most sweetest of melodies..
    Thank you for sharing this amazing collection with us Helga. Sue x

    2011/11/02 at 7:55 pm