Playing with the waves (various Painter)

Charles Edouard Boutibonne.

Mermaids Frolicking in the Sea.
Charles Edouard Boutibonne    Mermaids Frolicking in the Sea!.jpg (699x435, 169Kb)
Paul Albert Laurens (2 работы)
 (699x434, 66Kb)
 (699x441, 76Kb)
Guillaume Seignac
La vague.
 (699x466, 100Kb)
Ferdinand Leeke
A Mermaid tempting a Satyr into the water.
 (700x509, 123Kb)
Jarosław Kukowski
 (699x458, 74Kb)
 (699x522, 142Kb)
Frost William Edward
Sirens and the night.
 (699x529, 151Kb)
Arnold Boecklin
Spiel der Wellen.
 (699x526, 85Kb)
Ещё несколько работ Arnold Boecklin
 (700x601, 85Kb)
Calm Sea
 (699x482, 55Kb)
Continental School, 19th/20th Century |
Evelyn De Morgan
The Sea Maidens
 (698x357, 62Kb)
Ettore Tito
 (699x549, 159Kb)
Collier Twentyman Smithers
A Race with Mermaids and Tritons.
 (699x372, 88Kb)
 (699x474, 61Kb)
Слава Грошев
 (699x596, 156Kb)
Leon Jean Basile Perrault
 (481x698, 77Kb)
William Robert Symonds
Sounds Sea
 (435x699, 22Kb)
 (360x700, 73Kb)

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