Dae Chun Kim

Exquisite paintings Dae Chun Kim (Korea) takes us into the world of bright colors and give a sense of warmth and coziness.

The European landscape is his favorite subject, especially the Mediterranean Sea and the English Garden.
Dae Chun Kim graduated from the Hong Kong University of painting. His works have been displayed in the form

of countless exhibitions, including Hyundai Art Gallery Korea Gallery in London, Birmingham, and many others.

015 (700x518, 312Kb)

014 (700x518, 290Kb)

012 (529x700, 328Kb)

013 (500x664, 78Kb)

001 (700x700, 515Kb)

002 (650x646, 333Kb)

004 (700x575, 334Kb)

005 (554x700, 328Kb)

006 (570x700, 341Kb)

007 (500x617, 90Kb)

011 (555x700, 348Kb)

003 (650x650, 127Kb)

010 (700x578, 146Kb)

008 (700x476, 271Kb)

009 (700x544, 145Kb)

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