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Lady`s with dog (various artists)

 (540x699, 149Kb)
Pierre Charles Comte (1823-1895) –
 (560x700, 95Kb)
LOO Louis Michel van. Портрет Catherina Golitsyna
 (493x698, 112Kb)
Aguado Bejarano –
 (489x640, 87Kb)
Alathea Talbot,  Peter Paul Rubens
 (396x698, 53Kb)
Albert-Anatole-Martin-Ernest Lambron Des Piltieres (1836-) –

 (358x640, 49Kb)
Arthur Wardle
 (640x456, 63Kb)
Caro Delvaille Henry
 (542x698, 136Kb)

Garrido Eduardo Leon –

 (369x700, 78Kb)
Giovanni Boldini
 (468x600, 114Kb)
Girolamo Forabosco
 (554x699, 123Kb)
Heywood Hardy (1842-1933) – Утренняя езда.
 (640x453, 72Kb)
Ignaz Gaugengigl Scherzando
 (640x427, 89Kb)

Jan Fyt (Flemish, 1611-1661),  (587x699, 69Kb)
JORDAENS, Jacob. Сатир и крестьянин.
LOO Louis Michel van (560x700, 95Kb)
LOO Louis Michel van. Портрет Catherina Golitsyna
 (506x640, 46Kb)
Louise-Elisabeth Vigеe-Lebrun. Портрет мадам D’Aguesseau.
 (431x568, 52Kb)
Louis-Lиopold Robert (1794-1835)Пасторальная Идиллия
 (436x635, 24Kb)
Mary Cassatt.Сусана на Балконе.
 (607x640, 81Kb)
Memories. Edward Lamson Henry. 1873
 (360x640, 37Kb)
Peder Severin Kroyer 1851-1909
 (317x500, 60Kb)
Pintor Anders Leonard Zorn, Mora, Suecia, 1860–1920.
 (352x443, 30Kb)
 (475x640, 48Kb)
 (483x640, 38Kb)
 (640x461, 70Kb)
Pompeo Batoni (Итальянский, 1708-1787), Диана и Купидон, 1761
 (640x478, 187Kb)
Robert Walker Macbeth
 (450x563, 97Kb)
Sandra Kuck
 (379x480, 59Kb)
Sarah Bernhardt by Georges Clairin
 (640x491, 69Kb)
Sir Edwin Landseer.Виндзорский Замок в Современные Времена
 (480x585, 44Kb)
Subleyras Pierre Hubert
 (600x399, 55Kb)
TeatimeTreat 1883 by JohnCharlton
 (553x699, 120Kb)
Timoleon Carl von Neff (1805-1876) – Портрет Дама Barrett Belhus.
 (562x640, 103Kb)
Владимир Первунинский
 (547x698, 128Kb)
William H.Lipincott
 (501x640, 59Kb)
William Hogarth. Mary Edwards. 1742
 (537x640, 99Kb)
William Kay Blacklock
 (450x581, 76Kb)
William Powell Frith
 (451x500, 79Kb)
Владимир Первунинский
 (700x466, 107Kb)
Владимир Первунинский -Золотой сентябрь.
 (600x450, 92Kb)
 (640x465, 87Kb)
К.Сомов. Лето
 (498x640, 45Kb)
Карл Брюллов. Портрет Ю.М.Смирновой
 (428x536, 40Kb)
Не подписана
 (485x640, 77Kb)
Фрагонар. Любовное письмо
 (525x699, 88Kb)

Douglas Hofmann

Artist Douglas Hofmann

Baltimore, Maryland, 1945

Artist Douglas Hofmann

Baltimore, Maryland, 1945

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock, an English artist. Born in Sunderland in 1872.
He studied at the School of Art in Edinburgh and the Royal College of Art in London.
William Kay Blacklock died in 1922.

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

William Kay Blacklock (British, 1872-1924)

Jerome Parker

A Central California native, Jerome comes from a family of artists and musicians.

A quiet and introspective figure, Jerome is active in galleries in this beautiful region of his home state.

Figurative compositions, closely observed from life, comprise many of this artist s rich work in oils and charcoal.

Though clearly inspired by the masters, Jerome s intriguing subjects nevertheless capture

a certain contemporary view of life in the moment. – Jerome Parker

Ai Xuan (*1947)

Ai Xuan is a Chinese painter born on November 11, 1947 in Jinhua,Zhejiang.
In 1967 he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts School. Since 1980, Ai has had six of his paintings featured in the national exhibition.

He has also won several awards including: in 1981, a second-class National Youth Arts Award for his oil painting "wholesale";

a Sichuan outstanding works Prize; and, in 1986, a second Asian art award for his oil painting "snow" .
In 1987, Ai spent a year in the United States, visiting academics at Oklahoma City University.

While there he was able to meet with several famous artists, and hosted his own personal exhibition.

Ai also travelled to Great Britain to participate in the auction organised by to raise funds for renovation of the Great Wall of China.
Ai is currently based in Beijing and is a member of the China Artists Association.
He is the son of the late Chinese poet Ai Qing, as well as the half-brother of renowned Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei. Ai Xuan

(also known as GuiGui by his closer family members) currently resides in Beijing with his wife Jin Tao and daughter Ai Jiayi.

An He (*1957)

An He is a Chinese-American artist whose work we first exhibited over 15 years ago.

He is known for his magnificent portrait paintings of women. Many times his subject will be in a garden or elegant interior setting.

In some of An’s earlier work, the backgrounds were quite impressionistic.

In his more recent pieces, he has been leaning toward a more realistic treatment of the background.

What has remained constant in An’s artwork throughout the years though, is the beautiful detail and delicate treatment of his subject.


female portraits

Thinking of You.
 (530x698, 35Kb)
 (517x698, 31Kb)
 (529x699, 32Kb)
By the Fireplace.
 (699x500, 43Kb)
 (524x698, 71Kb)
 (700x553, 52Kb)
Soft Quietude.
 (626x699, 46Kb)
Summer Dreamer.
 (699x462, 46Kb)
The Letter.
 (534x699, 74Kb)
 (523x699, 77Kb)
View from the Terrace.
 (525x700, 45Kb)
 (506x699, 129Kb)
AN HE    QUIET MOMENT (519x698, 132Kb)
AN HE    THE LETTER (517x699, 124Kb)

Guan Zeju

Guan Zeju


Artist Guan Zeju
Guangdong Province, China , 1957



Guan Zeju is a Senior Artist of the Guangzhou Art Institute and a member of the Artists’ Association of China;
he has served as Director of the Guangdong Provincial Branch of the Artists’ Association of China
and Vice-Secretary General of the Oil Painting Research Association of Guangdong, China.
He currently resides in the United States where he works as a studio artist.
He is also a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists and has been awarded the distinction of Honorary Overseas Artist by the Guangdong Art Institute.


Women and Flower Gardens (various Artists)

Lovely day and the gardens are blooming.
Time for a few more ladies in gardens.

Alfred Émile Stevens (Belgian painter, 1823-1906)

Afternoon in the Park

Alfred Émile Stevens (Belgian painter, 1823-1906)


Archibald George Barnes (British artist, 1887-1972) The Parasol

Archibald George Barnes (British artist, 1887-1972)

Woman Beside a Chestnut Tree

Oscar Bluhm (German artist, 1867-1912) In the Pergola 1892

Claude Monet (French painter, 1840-1926)

Alice Hoschede in the Garden

Edmund Greacen (American Impressionist painter, 1877–1949)


Edmund Greacen (American Impressionist painter, 1877–1949)

Edmund Tarbell (American painter, 1862-1938) Mercie Cutting Flowers 1912

Francis Coates Jones (American artist, 1857–1932)

Harold Harvey (English Painter, 1874-1941) Woman Reading in a Garden

Harry Watson (English artist, 1871–1936) Roses

Helen M. Turner (American painter, 1858-1958) Morning 1919

Johannes Grenness (Danish Artist, 1875-1963) Woman in a Garden

John Leslie Breck (American artist, 1860-1899) Woman in Garden

John Twachtman (American painter, 1853-1902) In the Sunlight 1893

John Twachtman (American painter, 1853-1902) On the Terrace 1897

Laura Muntz Lyall (Canadian Impressionist Painter, 1860-1930) Oriental Poppies

Olga Boznanska (Polish Impressionist painter, 1865-1945) Dziewczynka z koszem jarzyn w ogrodzie 1891

Peder Severin Kroyer (Norwegian-born Danish painter, 1851-1909) Marie in the Garden

Richard Edward or Emil Miller (American artist, 1875-1943) The Chinese Robe

Theodore Robinson, (American Impressionist painter 1852-1896) The Pink Cape

Umberto Veruda (Italian artist, 1868-1904) Young Woman in a Rosegarden 1899

children in art, painting (various artists)

Sir John Everett Millais, Portrait of Miss Margaret Millais, 1883

Maud Tindall Atkinson, 1916

Auguste Renoir, Children’s Afternoon at Wargemont, 1884

Fritz Zuber-Buhler

Sir John Everett Millais, Leisure hours

George Henry Boughton, 1897

James Jacques Joseph Tissot, In the Sunshine

William Bouguereau

Charles Burton Barber, Saying Our Prayers

John Singer Sargent

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 1750

William Collins, The Venturesome Robin

Claude Monet

George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier, 1880

John Singer Sargent, Daughters of Edward Darley Boit, 1882

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Princess Charlotte of Belgium

Jean-Franсois Millet (1814-1875)

Eugene Quesnet, 1859

Hubert Salentin

Octave Tassaert, 1841

George Howard, 1905

Alexander Hohenlohe Burr

Peter Vilhelm Ilsted, 1915

Mary Gow, Fairy-tales

George Bernard O’ Neill, Faraway Thoughts

William Robert Symonds

William Powell Frith, The New Frock

Frederick Morgan

Isaac Cruikshank, 1790

Hariette Sutcliffe

J. Herbert MacNair, 1857

Emile Munier, Special Moment, 1874

Joshua Reynolds, Portrait of Miss Anna Ward with Her Dog, 1787

Jean-Antoine Watteau, Happy Age, 1716-20

William Merritt Chase

Sandro Botticelli (Born: c. 1445 Florence, Italy Died: c. 1510 Florence, Italy) Italian painter and artist

Die Geburt der Venus, um 1486

Self Portrait in "The Adoration of the Magi" (1476)

(below, with crib sheet for the people in the painting and where the colour of the Bottecilli’s cloak is accurate!),

in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Sandro Botticelli, 1472, The Return of Judith to Bethulia, 00000261-Z

1472, The Return of Judith to Bethulia, Sandro Botticelli

1470, Madonna and Child with an Angel,

Sandro Botticelli, 1470, Fortitude, 00000252-Z

1470, Fortitude



Der Frühling (Detail 2) um 1482.

Sandro Botticelli
La Bella Simonetta