Sisters & Sisterhood

various artists

John Trumbull (1756-1843) The Misses Mary and Hannah Murray 1806

George de Forest Brush (1855-1941) The Thomas Sisters 1899

Charles Wesley Jarvis (1812 – 1868) Adrian Baucker Holmes’ Children

Thomas Prichard Rossiter 1818-1971 The Parmly Sisters

James Peale (1749-1831) Sisters Anna and Mararetta Peale

Robert Lewis Reid (1862–1929) The Sisters

James Jebusa Shannon (1862–1923)

Lorna and Dorothy Bell, Daughters of W. Heward Bell Esq

Jacob Eichholtz (1776–1842)The Ragan Sisters

Edmund Charles Tarbell (1862-1938)The Sisters 1921

Edmund Charles Tarbell (1862-1938) Portrait of Josephine and Emiline Tarbell

Edmund Charles Tarbell (1862 – 1938) Three Sisters – A Study in June Sunlight 1890

John Singer Sargent (American expatriate artist, 1856-1925)

Ena and Betty, Daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Asher Wertheimer 1901

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