Working with Textiles – 19th-20th Century Europe – various artists

Odilon Redon (French artist, 1840-1916)

Portrait of Madame Arthur Fontaine 1901

girl  1852-1922)Walter Langley

(English artist, 1852-1922) Girl Knitting

Hugues Merle (French artist, 1823-1881) The Embroidery Lesson

Henri Fantin-Latour (French artist, 1836-1904)

August Macke (German Expressionist Painter, 1887-1914)

Elizabeth Gerhardt Sewing

Charles Sillem Litterdale (British painter, 1831-1895) Knitting

August Macke (German Expressionist Painter, 1887-1914)

Odilon Redon (French artist, 1840-1916)

Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) The Sleeping Spinner 1853

Claude Monet (French painter, 1840-1926) Madame Monet Embroidering 1875

Georges Lemmen (Belgian, 1865-1916) Young Woman Sewing

Anna Ancher (1859-1935) Sewing Fisherman’s Wife 1890

William Kay Blacklock (British artist, 1872-1924)
1800-1900s, Artist Blacklock, Artist Courbert, Artist Lemmen,

 Artist Macke, Artist Monet, Sewing + Threadwork, Textiles, Working with Textiles

Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828). Anna Dorothea Foster and Charlotte Anna Dick Embroidery 1790-91
Almost every one of my sisters had some distinctive aptitude with her fingers.

One worked exquisite lace-embroidery; another had a knack at cutting and fitting her doll’s clothing

so perfectly that the wooden lady was always a typical specimen of the genteel doll-world; and another

was an expert at fine stitching, so delicately done that it was a pleasure to see or to wear anything

her needle had touched. I had none of these gifts. I looked on and admired, and sometimes tried to imitate,

but my efforts usually ended in defeat and mortification. Lucy Larcom. A New England Girlhood, 1889

Bernhard Gutmann (German-American artist, 1869-1936) The Sewing Girl 1911

Eugene von Blaas (Italian-born Austrian painter, 1843–1931) The Knitting Lesson

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish artist, 1854-1905) A Girl Knitting Socks 1896

Emile Munier (French academic painter, 1840-1895) A Careful Stitch

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French Rococo Era Painter, 1725-1805) The Wool Winder

Constant Mayer (French-American artist, 1832-1911) The Sewing School

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French Rococo Era Painter, 1725-1805) The Little Knitter

William Kay Blacklock (British artist, 1872-1924) The Lesson.

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  1. A wonderful account of History within the art world of needle-craft.. A craft that many have now lost…. I was lucky in the fact I had a grandmother who taught me knitting skills, I self taught how to chrochet and embroider…
    I loved looking through this collection Helga.. 🙂

    2011/08/10 at 3:01 pm

    • Vielen Dank liebe Sue, ja, solche schönen Bilder sind auch Zeitgeschichte….es werden dann auch wieder schöne Erinnerungen wach….
      Liebe Grüße Helga

      2011/08/10 at 3:15 pm