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Working with Textiles – 19th-20th Century Europe – various artists

Odilon Redon (French artist, 1840-1916)

Portrait of Madame Arthur Fontaine 1901

girl  1852-1922)Walter Langley

(English artist, 1852-1922) Girl Knitting

Hugues Merle (French artist, 1823-1881) The Embroidery Lesson

Henri Fantin-Latour (French artist, 1836-1904)

August Macke (German Expressionist Painter, 1887-1914)

Elizabeth Gerhardt Sewing

Charles Sillem Litterdale (British painter, 1831-1895) Knitting

August Macke (German Expressionist Painter, 1887-1914)

Odilon Redon (French artist, 1840-1916)

Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) The Sleeping Spinner 1853

Claude Monet (French painter, 1840-1926) Madame Monet Embroidering 1875

Georges Lemmen (Belgian, 1865-1916) Young Woman Sewing

Anna Ancher (1859-1935) Sewing Fisherman’s Wife 1890

William Kay Blacklock (British artist, 1872-1924)
1800-1900s, Artist Blacklock, Artist Courbert, Artist Lemmen,

 Artist Macke, Artist Monet, Sewing + Threadwork, Textiles, Working with Textiles

Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828). Anna Dorothea Foster and Charlotte Anna Dick Embroidery 1790-91
Almost every one of my sisters had some distinctive aptitude with her fingers.

One worked exquisite lace-embroidery; another had a knack at cutting and fitting her doll’s clothing

so perfectly that the wooden lady was always a typical specimen of the genteel doll-world; and another

was an expert at fine stitching, so delicately done that it was a pleasure to see or to wear anything

her needle had touched. I had none of these gifts. I looked on and admired, and sometimes tried to imitate,

but my efforts usually ended in defeat and mortification. Lucy Larcom. A New England Girlhood, 1889

Bernhard Gutmann (German-American artist, 1869-1936) The Sewing Girl 1911

Eugene von Blaas (Italian-born Austrian painter, 1843–1931) The Knitting Lesson

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish artist, 1854-1905) A Girl Knitting Socks 1896

Emile Munier (French academic painter, 1840-1895) A Careful Stitch

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French Rococo Era Painter, 1725-1805) The Wool Winder

Constant Mayer (French-American artist, 1832-1911) The Sewing School

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French Rococo Era Painter, 1725-1805) The Little Knitter

William Kay Blacklock (British artist, 1872-1924) The Lesson.

Hans Zatska Austrian Academic Painter, (1859-1949)

Beauty Bathing

Water Nymphs

Water Nymphs

In The Night Sky

Spring Time

Love Letter

The Rose Bower

A Classical Idyll

A Water Idyll

Spring Love

Venus and her Attendants

A Water Idyll



In Search of Love

The Goddess Of Spring


Spring Song

Spring Beauty

Beautiful Girl in Moonlight

Symphony of the Water Nymphs

Spring Time Maiden

Ctupid Wisper

Arcadian Spring

Pearls of the Sea

Madonna and Child

Preparing for the Festivities


The Tambourine Player

Arabian Nights

Reclining Beauty


Dancing Beauty

Moonlight Serenade

Beautés aux flamants roses

Maidens with Cherub