Adolphe Etienne Piot (1850-1910)

As a genre painter, or rather a painter of the female face, Piot had few equals.

His idealized depiction of women and girls are full of sentimentality yet possess a technical skill that is of the highest level.
Adolphe Piot was born in Dijon in 1850. He must have travelled to Paris as a young man

as he is listed as a student of Leon Cogniet, at his Paris atelier, in the late 1870’s.

Cogniet instilled within the young artist a love for the human form and certainly his teachings were not wasted.

Piot’s debut at the Paris Salon came in 1880 followed three years later with his first showing at the Societaire des Artistes Francais.

An honorable mention was given for his exhibit of 1890 at the Salon.

A Blonde Beauty Holding a Book


Beauty with Yellow Rose


A Young Beauty

A Young Beauty Holding A Red Rose

A Young Girl with a Basket of Flowers

A Little Girl Reading

An Italian Beauty

Portrait of a Girl with Red Shawl

A Young Girl with Holly Berries in her Hair


Sisterly Love

A Little Girl Holding A Bird

The Flower Seller

A Young Beauty

The Cherry Girl

A neopolitan beauty

A young girl writing a letter

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