Daniel F. Gerhartz


Gerhartz’ compelling paintings resonate an honesty, integrity and a directness immediately evident to the viewer.

The artist’s skillful and technically adept work celebrates the created world,

human form personal relationships and connection with landscapes and environments of special importance.

 – Daniel F. Gerhartz

2 responses

  1. Daniel F. Gerhartz, yes I had published before. Meanwhile, again, new pictures have been opened, so I chose this type of presentation…. Thank you dear Sue for your interest in my paintings and illustrations … I’m really looking forward …xox Helga

    2011/07/27 at 6:13 pm

  2. I could look at these painting all Day Helga.. Each has a story behind them, arrgh if only the painting could tell us the tale of the picture and people… Wouldnt that be interesting my friend..
    Loved all of them…. they hold a softness but strength as each potraite shows us a different personality within the painting.. .. Thank you for sharing these wonderful Works of Art.. xox Sue

    2011/07/27 at 3:46 pm