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Pino Daeni (1939-2010)

Pino Daeni

(1939 – 2010)


"Almost Ready"

"At Rest"

Pino Daeni - Esther



Pino Daeni - In the Glow

"In the Glow"

Pino Daeni - Waiting on the Balcony

"Waiting on the Balcony"

Pino Daeni - Windswept







"A Mother’s Love"

"A Time To Remember"


"After Dinner"

"Afternoon Repose"




At the Balcony


"Beach Walk"

"Best Friends"

"Breezy Day"

"By the Sea"

"Cliffside Retreat"

Pino Close to my heart limited edition giclee on canvas

"Close to My Heart"


"Dancing in Barcelona"


"Day Dream"


"Early Morning"



"First Glance"



"Late Night Reading"


"Long Day"



"Mediterranean Breeze"



"Precious Moments"





"Soft Light"



"The Dancer"


"The Gathering"

"The Spirit of Love"


"Thinking of You"







Born Guiseppe Dangelico in Bari on November 8, 1939, it was at the city’s Art Institute where Pino began his studies. 

He attended Milan’s Academy of Brera in 1960 honing in on his talent for painting the human figure. During his two years at the academy he , he was influenced by the the Pre-Raphaelites and Macchiaioli. His work was featured in numerous major exhibitions all over Italy and Europe from 1960 to 1979. Two of Italy s largest publisher’s, Mondadori and Rizzoli, commissioned him to do a book illustrations. Despite his rising success and new opportunity, he felt restricted in Milan. Seeking complete artistic freedom brought him to the United States in 1979. He was sponsored by the Borghi Gallery, where he held many shows in New York and Massachusetts. 

Moving to the United States would turn out to be a great challenge. His sponsorship barely supported enough for him to feed his family. Having limited English limited as well and his method of transportation was a bicycle. After seeking employment from many people, in February of 1980, "Zebra Books Publishers" gave him a job doing a book cover. The success of his illustrations was so great that he was able to network with many prominent publishers of romance novels. His popularity blossomed within the literary community. Pino dedicated 13 years to illustrating book covers, but never lost his desire to return to fine art. His passion to create pieces that break free from outside restrictions fuelled his passion to dedicate himself to fine art again.