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FRIENDSHIP by Sue Dreamwalker

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What is a friend I hear you say?

Someone who stands by you come what may.

They do not judge or lay down the law.

But encouragement they often implore.

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When we are down and at low ebb.

A friend will make us laugh with words they’ve said.

Keeping us firm upon our path.

Helping to lighten us with their laughs.

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Many a time when I’ve been in doubt.

My world in turmoil, I hear them shout-

Words of upliftment, scolding my fears.

A shoulder to cry on, sharing my tears.

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True friendship is talking for hours on end.

About every thing and nothing, just wishing to blend.

Even when it hurts they are truthful and honest.

This is the value of a friendships promise.

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Keeping a secret with only you that they share.

Knowing when to keep silent and stay out of your hair.

To find all the above in one I am blessed.

I thank you my friend you are truly the best.

By Sue Dreamwalker


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May your Mind shimmer with the  Glow of Truth,
And May your Spirit guard its sacred ground.


Vielen Dank Sue (Dreamwalker )

für dieses wundervolle Gedicht über Freundschaft.

Es hat mich sehr berührt.

Gerne möchte ich dieses Gedicht in deinem Namen in mein space bringen.


Vielen Dank für deine kostbare treue Freundschaft und für deine Wertschätzung,

die mir sehr viel bedeutet.

In respektvoller Liebe und Treue